Redfern believe there are three critical steps to project success. Within these steps we fine-tune the process to suit your needs and budget.

Step One: Questioning.

'Questioning' means examining the underlying facts until we reach a point where we feel we understand the risks, the opportunities and the ‘space’ to start ‘thinking’.

We will ask you what you want to achieve? What are the conditions that have instigated the desire for change? What are your key differentiators and advantages over your competition? What are the benchmarks for success? What is the timescale?

Step Two: Thinking.

With the critical facts in front of us we are in a position to start the critical thinking. Now we are at a stage where the creative brief is formulated and a structure for delivery is outlined. We will be looking for clues that promise a critical success, deliver a powerful perception of your brand and engage key audiences.

Step Three: Designing.

Expressing the creative brief is the where the 'fresh thinking' comes into its own. We believe clients should be delighted, rather than receive nasty surprises  - so we will often draw our clients into some stages of the creative process to ensure buy-in and a strong sense of ownership.

Creative options, an appropriate media strategy and realistic cost forecasts round-off the Redfern approach.